The Ancient Japanese Secret of Total Overnight Body Detox Finally Revealed
The Ancient Japanese Secret of Total Overnight Body Detox Finally Revealed

Relax, Reenergize & Restore Your Body's Optimal Health Level With Our 100% Natural Health-Giving Ingredients

  • Discover the only effective & holistic solution for a total body detox
  • Apply the patches easily, let them do their magic overnight and wake up feeling fresher than ever
  • Try out the healing herbal ingredients  & get rid of the toxins — WITHOUT the unpleasant aggressive detox side effects (diarrhoea, headache, muscle cramps)
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Re-discover Good Night's Sleep & Deep Relaxation
Boost Your Energy & Immunity With All-Natural Ingredients
Rejuvenate Your Entire Body & Feel Lighter and Younger

Do You Know Your body is Full of Toxins?

Countless toxins we're exposed to — daily — take a serious toll on our mental & physical health. No wonder you've been struggling to sleep well…. If at all. Toxins make us sickly, fatigued, and unable to sleep well. In short: toxins are everywhere around us — and they're wearing us down. But now, for the first time ever, you can flush your body of them simply by using the herbal ingredients abundant in nature.
Bandoo Natural Cleansing Foot Pads are based on the age-old Japanese practice of eliminating toxins, metabolic waste, and heavy metals from the body.

Each of the ingredients in Bandoo Natural Cleansing Foot Pads is ethically sourced, 100% natural and rich in health-giving properties.
Combined, these ingredients form a powerful detox tool that will help you get rid of all the harmful chemicals, toxic substances, and metabolic waste products accumulated in your body.

The best part?
Bandoo Pads work practically overnight.
For best results, apply Bandoo pads for 6 nights in a row.
You'll notice a massive improvement in your sleep quality, a boost in clarity and focus, more energy and an overall feeling of lightness.
Why Bandoo Detox Foot Pads Are Different
What makes us stand out from the competition?
  • Enjoy our premium ingredients
    Ethically and sustainably sourced – we care about the environment!
  • Experience our proprietary formula
    Each of the Bandoo components works in a powerful synergy with the others
  • Save money with our cost-effective solution
    Health and well-being should be acessible to everyone
How To Use
Gently place the footpad on the middle of your foot (or some other part of your body)
Apply the second pad in the same manner on your other foot
Leave the pads on your feet for at least 6 (for best results — 8) hours
Peel the pads off the next morning and wash your feet (the pads will turn dark — that's all the gunk leaving your body!)
Bandoo 10 Days Cleansing Program: Before and After
Track your everyday cleansing progress!
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Experience the Healing Power Of Nature…. Through Effortless Application
Made From the Finest All-natural Ingredients:
Bamboo Vinegar
Ethically and sustainably sourced – we care about the environment!
Chameleon Plant
Because of its potent antiviral and antibacterial properties, it has been used to treat lung infections, skin disorders — even snake bites!
Loquat Leaves
These fragrant leaves not only smell great — their anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer and antioxidant properties make them a true nature's powerhouse
Wood Vinegar
With its strong anti-microbial properties, wood vinegar is known for promoting skin health; it also removes foul smells and moisture
Vitamin C
Naturally-occurring compound essential for a strong immune system, collagen production, iron absorption and wound healing
Long-used in Ayurvedic medicine for chakra-cleansing, boosting liver health and protection against negative energy
Reduces inflammation, promotes a robust immune system, and moisturizes the skin.
Promotes digestive health and bowel movement, potentially lowers the blood sugar
This is For YOU If...
  • You want a powerful detox that is gentle on your body (no nasty side effects!)
  • You have trouble sleeping  — and you want a natural remedy for it
  • You want to improve your blood flow and circulation
  • You want to be able to focus better
  • You want to have more energy — so you can be there for your loved ones
Bandoo Natural Cleansing Foot Pads Are 100%:
  • Free of Toxins
  • Made by Highest Quality Processing Methods
  • Safe
  • Cruelty & Guilt-Free
  • Without Artificial Colors
  • Low-Cost At-home Detox Solution
  • Without Negative Side Effects
  • Plus, they feel great on your skin and come with fast shipping!
Every Order is Backed By Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
We at Bandoo have nothing but your best intention in mind. This is why we're giving you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If, for WHATEVER reason, you're not 100% happy with Bandoo as a product or its effects, we'll return your money within 90 days of the purchase date.
No hassle.
No questions asked.
No hard feelings.
No risk.
But Don't Take Our Word For It...
Here's What People Are Saying!
Jake, 42
"I was super sceptical, but now I'm a believer. Not sure how this stuff works, but it works like magic. I have more energy now than back when I was running track in high school."
Yes, I recommend this product.
Silvia, 36
"I was told I have sleep-onset insomnia. It means that no matter what I did… I just couldn't fall asleep. Bandoo not only took care of that… But did it fast. 4 nights were all it took for me to sleep like a normal person. Bandoo rocks!"
Yes, I recommend this product.
Veronica, 29
"I love these foot pads! They just make me feel...better. As someone who's into a holistic and sustainable lifestyle, it's important to me that they're made of quality stuff!"
Yes, I recommend this product.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How long before I start to feel the benefits?
Many of our customers report improvements already after the first time. Still, to take full advantage of the health-boosting properties of Bandoo ingredients, keep applying the pads for 6 days in a row.
Q: What is the best time to use it?
Allow 6 hours at minimum, but preferably 8 hours (overnight) for Bandoo active compounds to extract the accumulated toxins, chemicals and waste.
Q: Will it help me lose weight?
While Bandoo Detox Pads are not created as a weight-loss tool, many of our customers report that a weight loss has indeed occurred since they started applying the pads.
Q: How much should I order?
Keep in mind that one pack of Bandoo Detox Pads contains 10 individual patches, sufficient for 5 applications. Our most popular bundle is the 4X pack, as it allows customers to save significantly while always having their pads at hand for a quick and easy at-home detox.
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